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    Vokal-yoga: The Power Of Sound, m. Svetlana Galanova


    Tid: 19-21 
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    Vocal Yoga: The Power of Sound
    28, December, 19:00-21:00
    Namaste Yoga Studio (Hermodsgade 24, gården C)
    Do you like singing but dream of having more confidence? Are you looking for anything to explore your creative potential? Would you like to improve your life and become a well-balanced person? Welcome to Vocal Yoga class!
    Vocal Yoga helps to find harmony through the sound. It’s an integrated practice which connects sound, body and mind. All the people get the unique gift when they are born: their voice. On the classes they learn how to activate its natural beauty and power. When people explore their voice they feel better, realize their body and emotions on different level, feel free to express themselves in communication and art. Thanks to vocal yoga it’s possible to reduce stress, release emotions, and discover new talents. This practice is for people who believe that sound is a great mystery but not only communication tool.
    Vocal Yoga classes include:
    — Breathing techniques
    — Body and sound exercises
    — Group toning
    — Basics of overtone chanting
    — Intuitive singing
    — Sound healing practice
    — Relaxation.

    You don’t have to have any special musical skills to participate.
    Entrance fee: 30kr
    Information about the teacher:
    Svetlana Galanova — vocal yoga teacher, sound healing practitioner.
    Education: The School of Voice practices and Sound therapy (Moscow, Russia), The Association of Sound Therapy and Harmonic Studies (Alkali, Spain). Currently studying Sound Healing at Lad Overtone School and improving vocal skills at Michael Gurbo Music School (Russia, Saint-Petersburg).